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Table 10 Descriptive Statistics for the observation at the stage of post writing

From: The effect of structured versus unstructured collaborative pre-writing task on writing skills of the Iranian EFL students

Items VM + M A *AL +* A
11. Motivating learners to evaluate each other’s writing through the process of error correction and peer feedback.      6 100%
12. Reassuring learners’ self-reflection on how well they wrote based on their initial plans and how well they corrected their errors through proofreading their own writing tasks.    3 50% 3 50%
13. Noticing the learners’ relevant needs for further learning. 6 100%     
14.Encouraging connecting ideas to hand in a coherent piece of writing. 4 66.7% 2 33.3%   
15. Inspiring monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of writing strategies and motivating transferring strategies to new tasks through providing learners with oral and written feedback. 3 50%    3 50%
  1. *VM: very much; *M: much; *AL: a little; *L: little.