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Table 3 Teaching suggestion of Chinese course in two countries

From: Comparison and contrast of Chinese curricula between China and Singapore: challenges and prospects

CHINA Singapore
中文:充分发挥师生双方在教学中的主动性和创造性 中文:照顾学习差异,建立学习信心
English: Unleash the initiatives of both teachers and students English: Cater for students’ differences in learning and try to establish their learning confidence
中文:教学中努力体现语文的实践性和综合性 中文:重视显性教学,优化教学设计
English: Embody Chinese course’s practicality and comprehensiveness English: Stress on explicit teaching and optimize teaching planning
中文:重视情感、态度、价值观的正确导向 中文:加强交际互动,发展语言能力
English: Stress on the forming and guiding in students’ emotions, life attitudes and values English: Facilitate the interactive activities and develop students’ linguistic competence
中文:重视培养学生的创新精神和实践能力 中文:重视生活运用,拓宽学习渠道
English: Deal with the relationship between basic language competence and creative ability English: Relate students’ learning with life in family or community and broaden their learning channels
中文:根据学生的发展规律和语文学习的特点,选择合适的教学策略 中文:培养情意品德,发展自主学习
English: Abide by students’ development rules and Chinese language learning rules, and choose appropriate teaching strategies English: Cultivate students’ morals and develop their autonomous learning
  English: Explore efficient teaching methods and improve the professionalism