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Table 2 Description of curriculum concepts of Chinese course in Singapore

From: Comparison and contrast of Chinese curricula between China and Singapore: challenges and prospects

Description in Chinese English version
重视语言技能,实现有效沟通 Emphasize the language skills, and realize the efficient communication
注重实用价值,实现乐学善用 Stress on practical value, and realize happy learning and proficient use
遵循学习规律,符合认知发展 Follow the learning rules, and conform to students’ cognitive development
照顾个别差异,发掘学生潜能 Cater for students’ differences, and develop their potential abilities
培养情意品德,传承华族文化 Nourish students’ morals, and make them inherit the traditional cultures
促进思维发展,培养自学能力 Facilitate students’ thinking skills, and foster their autonomous study
结合资讯科技,增进学习效益 Integrate the information technology, and improve the learning efficiency
关注学习过程,落实有效评价 Focus on students’ learning process, and carry out effective evaluation