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Table 4 Participants’ opinions on teachers’ error correction priority

From: EFL learners’ perceptions and preferences of written corrective feedback: a case study of university students from Mainland China

If there are many errors in your writing, what do you prefer your instructor to do? Response frequenciesa
1st-year students (N = 21) 2nd-year students (N = 23) 3rd-year students (N = 20) Total average
(a) My instructor should correct all errors. 5 8 6 19
(b) My instructor should correct major errors but not the minor ones. 7 4 8 19
(c) My instructor should only correct errors that interfere with communicating ideas. 7 9 6 22
(d) My instructor should not correct grammatical errors, and should focus on the content only. 2 1 0 11
  1. aThere was one empty response in the 2nd-year group. Pearson Chi-square test result: p = .595