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Table 9 Descriptive Statistics for the observation at the stage of while-writing

From: The effect of structured versus unstructured collaborative pre-writing task on writing skills of the Iranian EFL students

Items *VM +* M *A *Al +* A
6. Considering students’ interest and providing opportunity for collaborative discussion in mutual interaction and monitoring group discussion through structured and unstructured tasks. 3 50% 3 50%   
7. Inspiring learners to rely on others’ ideas and to take responsibility for assessment and consider peer feedback through learners’ contribution to the process of the group work. 4 66.7%    2 33.3%
8. Considering gap between students, learners’ ability for communication, time limit for task implementation and members’ unequal participation. 1 16.7% 1 16.7% 4 66.7%
9. Cultivating open communication and keeping students on target by specifying how learners deal with their writing issues. 2 33.3% 2 33.3% 2 33.3%
10. Removing the scaffolding phase by phase
and encourage planning the content of the writing task.
3 50% 1 16.7% 2 33.3%
  1. *VM: very much; *M: much; *AL: a little; *L: little.