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Table 2 Summary of items and factor loadings from factor analysis

From: EFL Teachers’ Conceptions of Professional Development during the Practicum: Retrospective Perceptions and Prospective Insights

ItemsFactor loadings
I. Improving in-class practice
 1. The practicum helped me to present subjects/materials in ways that build on students' existing understanding..851   
 2. The practicum helped me to prepare my lesson plans by considering visual, auditory and kinesthetic styles of students..717   
 3. The practicum helped me to practice analyzing and reflecting on the effectiveness of my teaching..781   
 4. The practicum helped me to teach English in a meaningful context and make language learning more enduring..705   
 5. The practicum helped me to create a positive atmosphere in English classes for students to motivate them towards learning English..777   
II. Considering students’ needs and variation of the context
 6. The practicum helped me to understand how to use alternative assessment tools like portfolios, posters, quizzes, oral performance to evaluate students. .619  
 7. The practicum helped me to adapt my teaching practices to different high school contexts in different neighborhoods. .555  
 8. The practicum helped me to use intercultural materials as well as the target culture specific materials with students to raise their tolerance toward other cultures. .338  
 9. The practicum helped me to set up activities that meet the learning needs of students with diverse social, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. .399  
III. Changing theory to practice
 10. The practicum provided a link between theory and practice in the classroom  .381 
 11. The practicum provided an opportunity for me to reflect on my professional knowledge  .580 
IIIV. Overall benefit of the practicum for teaching English
 12. The practicum helped me to understand how to teach English in an integrated manner.   .853
 13. The practicum experience prepared me for becoming a professional EFL teacher.   .523