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Table 3 One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test (Groups’ Pretests, Post-tests, and MRQ)

From: Comparing the impacts of various inputs(I + 1 & I-1) on pre-intermediate EFL learners’ Reading comprehension and Reading motivation: the case of Ahvazi learners

i + 1 pretest.16527.058
i + 1 posttest.19227.298
i-1 pretest.21527.098
i-1 posttest.22327.092
i + 1 MRQ (Before Treatment).18627.187
i + 1 MRQ (After Treatment).22027.086
i-1 MRQ (Before Treatment).21827.772
i-1 MRQ (After Treatment).17327.183
  1. aLilliefors Significance Correction