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Table 3 The idioms with the frequency of more than 1 per million

From: A thematic corpus-based study of idioms in the Corpus of Contemporary American English

Idiom Theme Frequency (per million)
Behind the scenes Secrecy 4.71
Under fire Critics and criticism 3.22
Set the stage for Preparation and readiness 2.86
Out of your mind Madness 2.77
Over the top Excess and extravagance 2.72
Think twice Caution 2.33
Round (or around) the clock Time 2.13
Behind closed doors Secrecy 2.03
Hit the road Travel and transport 1.56
Play ball Cooperation 1.38
Call the shots (or tune) Power 1.21
On the same page Cooperation 1.18
In a nutshell Language, speech, and conversation 1.18
A slippery slope Misfortune and adversity 1.14
Turn the corner Crisis 1.12
On a roll Success 1.10