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Table 5 Proverbs used in the similar situation to the NSJ videos

From: Learning proverbs through telecollaboration with Japanese native speakers: facilitating L2 learners’ intercultural communicative competence

Positive or negative influence (no of cases) Proverb (no of cases)
Positive influence (8) 1. Gojuppo-hyappo [Six of one and half a dozen of the other] (1)
2. Mikka-bouzu [A person who cannot stick to anything] (1)
3. Kiki-ippatsu [Close call] (3)
4. Isshou-kenmei [Doing one’s best] (2)
5. Iki-tougou [Hit it off] (1)
Negative influence (5) 6. Koubou-nimo-fude-no-ayamari [Everyone makes mistakes] (1)
7. Junpuu-manpan [Smooth sailing] (2)
8. Uou-saou [Go hither and thither] (1)
9. Kyoumi-shinshin [Very interested in] (1)