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Table 3 All proverbs introduced by NSJ students

From: Learning proverbs through telecollaboration with Japanese native speakers: facilitating L2 learners’ intercultural communicative competence

Proverbs [meaning] No. of cases used in L2 skits
Koubou-nimo-fude-no-ayamari [Everyone makes mistakes] 2
Nikai-kara-megusuri [Do something useless] 0
Junpuu-manpan [Smooth sailing] 2
Uou-saou [Go hither and thither] 1
Juunin-toiro [There are as many opinions as there are people] 4
Jigajisan [Blow your own horn] 1
Gojuppo-hyappo [Six of one and half a dozen of the other] 1
Mikka-bouzu [A person who cannot stick to anything] 1
Hyakubun-wa-ikken-ni-shikazu [Seeing is believing] 0
Seisei-doudou [Fair and square] 1
Kyoumi-shinshin [Very interested in] 1
Neko-no-te-mo-karitai [We are busy. We’ll take any help we can get] 0
Kiki-ippatsu [Close call] 6
Isshou-kenmei [Doing one’s best] 3
Ishin-denshin [Heart-to-heart communication] 0
Isseki-nichou [That’s killing two birds with one stone] 1
Iki-tougou [Hit it off] 2
Koukai-sakini-tatazu [It is no use crying over spilt milk] 1
Zen-wa-isoge [Strike while the iron is hot] 3
Tariki-hongan [Rely on other people] 0
Total 30