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Table 8 Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (Horwitz et al. 1986)

From: Exploring the components of the foreign language classroom anxiety scale in the context of Japanese undergraduates

Item No. Descriptions
1 I never feel quite sure of myself when I am speaking in my foreign language class.
2 I don’t worry about making mistakes in language class (R).
3 I tremble when I know that I’m going to be called on in language class.
4 It frightens me when I don’t understand what the teacher is saying in the foreign language.
5 It wouldn’t bother me at all to take more foreign language classes (R).
6 During language class, I find myself thinking about things that have nothing to do with the course.
7 I keep thinking that the other students are better at languages than I am.
8 I am usually at ease during tests in my language class (R).
9 I start to panic when I have to speak without preparation in language class.
10 I worry about the consequences of failing my foreign language class.
11 I don’t understand why some people get so upset over foreign language classes (R).
12 In language class, I can get so nervous I forget things I know.
13 It embarrasses me to volunteer answers in my language class.
14 I would not be nervous speaking the foreign language with native speakers (R).
15 I get upset when I don’t understand what the teacher is correcting.
16 Even if I am well prepared for language class, I feel anxious about it.
17 I often feel like not going to my language class.
18 I feel confident when I speak in foreign language class (R).
19 I am afraid that my language teacher is ready to correct every mistake I make.
20 I can feel my heart pounding when I’m going to be called on in language class.
21 The more I study for a language test, the more confused I get.
22 I don’t feel pressure to prepare very well for language class (R).
23 I always feel that the other students speak the foreign language better than I do.
24 I feel very self-conscious about speaking the foreign language in front of other students.
25 Language class moves so quickly I worry about getting left behind.
26 I feel more tense and nervous in my language class than in my other classes.
27 I get nervous and confused when I am speaking in my language class.
28 When I’m on my way to language class, I feel very sure and relaxed (R).
29 I get nervous when I don’t understand every word the language teacher says.
30 I feel overwhelmed by the number of rules you have to learn to speak a foreign language.
31 I am afraid that the other students will laugh at me when I speak the foreign language.
32 I would probably feel comfortable around native speakers of the foreign language (R).
33 I get nervous when the language teacher asks questions which I haven’t prepared in advance.