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Table 2 Evaluation factors for Japanese and English debates

From: The language deficit: a comparison of the critical thinking skills of Asian students in first and second language contexts

Constructive speech
 Did the speakers clarify the significance and key terms of the debate? [Interpretation]
 Did they produce a logical and coherent case? [Inference]
 Did they support their arguments with sufficient evidence? [Analysis & Evaluation]
 Was their evidence based on reliable, identifiable sources? [Evaluation]
 Did they explain their case clearly? [Explanation]
Cross-examination speech
 Did the speakers show understanding of their opponents’ arguments? [Analysis]
 Did they find flaws or inconsistencies in their opponents’ arguments? [Evaluation & Inference]
 Did they explain their cross-examination clearly? [Explanation]
Rebuttal speech
 Did the speakers show understanding of the points made during the cross-examination? [Analysis]
 Were they able to defend their arguments against these points? [Evaluation & Inference]
 Did they rebuild their case clearly and successfully? [Explanation]