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Table 1 PBLT project main elements

From: Implementing project-based language teaching in an Asian context: a university EAP writing course case study from Macau

Main elements Communication Language Product Instructor feedback Assessed
Initial pair brainstorming on topic and interviewee Student - Student Brainstorm sheet No No
Drafting of invitation email to interviewee Student - Student / Student - Instructor Email Yes No
Drafting Interview questions for interviewee Student - Student / Student - Instructor Interview Sheet Yes No
Conducting interview Student - Interviewee Interview mp3 recording No No
Drafting of follow-up thank you email Student - Student Email Yes No
4ā€“5 ongoing consultation on process and progress Student - Teacher - Yes No
Pair presentation to class Student - Student PPT / Presentation No Yes
Post presentation Q&A Student - Student Q&A sheet No Yes