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Table 5 Specific mentions of leadership in open-ended questions asked of former teachers (n = 47)

From: Social capital: a vital ingredient for retaining foreign language teachers

What are the reasons for your departure from the field? What would have ensured your continuation in the field?
*Fed up with lack of support from Principal/admin *More administration support
*Discouraged by administration actions to sideline language study *Greater support from admin
*Lack of support by superiors *A school principal and staff who valued LOTE just a tiny bit
*Principal had worst people management skills known to man or woman *A supportive administration that could have helped me through the stress
*Principal and admin which classified all LOTE [Languages Other Than English] teachers as a waste of space *Kill the headmaster
*60 staff left my school in 2.5 years, thanks for [sic] the headmaster. I was one of the 60. *Support from [governing body]
* [governing body] lack of support *Emphasis given further up the chain [to foreign language]
*No interest or demand from admin/principal or head office *More understanding and supportive principals