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Table 3 Analysis of responses from former foreign language teachers to open-ended questions (n = 47)

From: Social capital: a vital ingredient for retaining foreign language teachers

What were the reasons for your departure from the field? What, if anything, would have ensured your continuation?
Theme n Theme n
Lack of support 9 Support 10
Working conditions 8 Value, respect, appreciation 10
Lack of value 6 Better job opportunities 7
Administrative decisions about program 6 Improved work conditions 4
Classroom and behaviour management issues 3 Nothing 4
Lack of job satisfaction 2 Opportunities for professional development 3
Toxic principal 2 More confidence in ability 2
Lack of proficiency 1 Autonomy 2
Unhappy workplace 1 Increased salary 2
Low student interest 1 Removal of proficiency exam 2
‘Unbearable’ students and parents 1 Less isolation as an itinerant teacher 1
Itinerancy 1 Opportunities for promotion 1
Stress 1 Better HR management 1
Frustration 1